Radial Nerve Block


Diagnostic, therapeutic and operative interventions in the area of
innervation, completion of incomplete brachial plexus block

Special Contraindications:



Medial epicondyle of humerus, brachioradialis m., biceps tendon

Puncture site2:

In the cleft1 between the brachioradialis m. and the biceps tendon at
the level of elbow joint

Insertion of needle:

Push the needle in a proximal and lateral direction to the lateral
margin of lateral epicondyle of humerus. When bone contacted,
infiltrate 2-4 ml local anaesthetic: then advance in a cranial
direction about 1-3 cm in the longitudinal axis of the humerus,
contact the bone again and retract the needle 2-5 mm.


1 0 - 1 5 ml 1% lignocaine or prilocaine or 0,5% bupivacaine



Dear Dr... If possible would you post about Detoxification system and please relate it to current product that claim that their detox product is helpful ... thanks ...

Thanks for the info ... the latest post i mean ...


Mohd Hazaruddin,
thanx for question.
Detoxification system in our body occured naturally via metabolism in kidney, liver, intestine, skin and lung and lymphatic system. any toxic in our body will be eliminated naturally. example, drug or alcohol,it will metabolysed and eliminted by liver and kidney...unless somebody consume in certain amount. if it is more then certain amount it will danger to our body and may need to using antidot to natualised.
about detox product in market actually im not sure bz in kementerian kesihatan, we are not using it as our medication...maybe it's not tested yet or not confirm that medication really work. some of health product in market are not really work bz they just for business manner,indeed.
u should becareful with health product in market without KKM permission. it may being ur body hamfull.
i hope my answer may help u.


Mohd Hazaruddin,
i will post about detoxification shortly.


nice blog page. congrate !!


hai..doc..tenz for ur info in my blog..dun worry...i will correct all the mistakes...=P


dear dr,

thanks for the respond ...
sorry for late reply ... balik kelantan skali sekala ... gt a lot of interesting activities ...

hope to get the post about detoxification system from you soon.


Take care!


salam Dr..

last time i joined two mass circumcision in Indonesia..i still confuse to use which lidocaine for the circumcision...for the first circumcsion, we used lidocaine HCL (+ adr) and for the 2nd circumcision we used lidocaine HCL without adrenaline...

some people said dat the lidocaine with adrenaline can cause massive bleeding if the effect of lidocaine is gone...but for me, lidocaine HCL only have short effect for anesthesia, maybe for 15-20 min..

may i have ur opinion for this?



Muhammad Sayyid,

thanx for ur question.
lidocaine HCL is one of the best LA(local anaesthesia) or penile for circumcision. here we are using lidocaine alone without adrenalin. one of product, they add adrenalin. lidocaine (+adr) is good for bleeding control. adrenalin effect is constriction of vessel so less bleeding on ur surgery. bleeding is doesnt caused by lidocaine effect is done. lidocaine is for nerve block, it doesnt effect on blood vessel.

for ur information, lidocaine HCL + adr is not recommended in circumcision bcz it can cause gangrenous of distal part. for digital block also not recommended.

in circumcision u better using marcaine as place of lidocaine. it good effect for LA.

or ur using combination of penile block(LA) and caudal block.

i hope this information will help u. i will post about penile block in circumcision, shortly.

P/S: dont ever using lidocaine + adrenalin in circumcision. ur pt will loss their penis....


thanx for da advice..

maybe for the next time i will use lidocaine HCL without ephinepherine/adrenalin...

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